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Our Little Rescue…Maci

We have, either by happenstance, fate or grace, a little character (hard to call her a dog) who we named Maci.  Maci is believed to be 4 or 5 years old, and a mix of West Highland Terrier and some other breed that added spunk and spirit.  […]

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3PL’s and Brokers Should Never Relent to Collection Agency Threats Against Their Customers…There is a Better Way

While this article will necessarily discuss some aspects of consignor/consignee secondary liability for double payment of transportation charges, such is not the primary purpose. The central purpose of this article is more about how a 3PL/broker (“intermediary”) may effectively avoid losing credibility with their shipper or consignee […]

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Logistics Law as Either Strategic or Tactical Planning…the Choice is Crucial

Having spent almost as much of my career on the business side of logistics as the legal, I continue to wonder at the lack of “pre-crisis” attention to legal issues by executives within supply chain management, especially when considering a multi-party 3PL project. The reader is best […]

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