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3PL’s and Brokers Should Never Relent to Collection Agency Threats Against Their Customers…There is a Better Way

While this article will necessarily discuss some aspects of consignor/consignee secondary liability for double payment of transportation charges, such is not the primary purpose. The central purpose of this article is more about how a 3PL/broker (“intermediary”) may effectively avoid losing credibility with their shipper or consignee […]

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Logistics Law as Either Strategic or Tactical Planning…the Choice is Crucial

Having spent almost as much of my career on the business side of logistics as the legal, I continue to wonder at the lack of “pre-crisis” attention to legal issues by executives within supply chain management, especially when considering a multi-party 3PL project. The reader is best […]

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Choosing a binary options broker account Shippers, Brokers and 3PLs Should Not Rely Upon Use of the Shipper Bill of Lading to Overcome Terms and Conditions of NMFTA’s “New” USBOL

I have recently written here about some of the perils associated with NMFTA’s “New” Uniform Standard Bill of Lading (“USBOL”) […AND…]. Among many new provisions of the USBOL, major concerns include changes in well established statutory and case law with regard to the motor carrier’s duty of […]

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Options Stock Trading Websites Basics Shippers, 3PLs and Brokers, Let’s Face Some Ugly Facts About NMFTA’s “New” Bill of Lading

As I stated in a prior article (, NMFTA’s New Uniform Straight Bill of Lading (“USBOL”) is now allowed by the Surface Transportation Board (STB), and inevitably thousands of loads are moving under its terms and conditions. Many of those terms and conditions include changes in well […]

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Just Say “No!” to NMFTA’s “New” Uniform Straight Bill of Lading

The current version of the Uniform Straight Bill of Lading (for purpose of distinction  to be referred to herein as the “Old” USBOL), and all its terms and conditions, have not been changed in approximately 20 years.  However, recently the Surface Transportation Board (STB) ruled to allow […]

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3PL Exit Management Plan..for Stafford Webinar

3PL-Exit-Management-Plan-5-10-16 (3)

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Shippers Must be Mindful of Requirements for Carriers Claiming “Released Value” Limitations on Cargo Claims

In a previous post of March 23, 2016, I suggested that many rail and motor carriers are perhaps improperly avoiding full liability for cargo claims by referring to “filed tariffs” and published “rules”, known only to them.  I refer you to that post for a more thorough […]

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Motor and Rail Carriers Routinely Avoid Full Value Payment of Cargo Claims on Questionable Grounds…Claiming “Released Value”

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If Collaborative Logistics is to Succeed, Lawyers Must Become More Savvy to This Model

Efforts at collaborative logistics partnerships are said, generally, to be successful in only 2 out of 10 serious efforts.  Very few business ventures have had more analysis as to why such a concept based squarely on win-win business philosophy so often fails.  A plethora of studies and […]

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Latest Martindale-Hubbell Survey of Clients and Peers has awarded Paul Stewart Distinguished Category of Peer and Client Ratings of 5.0/5.0.

Client-Distinction-Award1 (1)Latest Martindale-Hubbell Survey of Clients and Peers has awarded Paul Stewart Distinguished Category of Peer and Client Ratings of 5.0/5.0. Two Consecutive Years Awarded Client Distinction Award by Martindale-Hubbell.  Less than 1% of Nation’s 900,000 Attorneys Earn This Honor Based Upon Actual Client Reviews.

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